Beatrice Alvestad Lopez (NO/ES) and Zoey Hart (US) invited by BKN/Hybrid
‘Lyssnersken’ the film is a collaboration between New York artist Zoey Hart and Stockholm-based artist Beatrice Alvestad Lopez. They started their collaboration at Björkö residency in December 2021. Their shared passion for nature led to the exploration of moss and lichen rich in the local area through sound, film and performance. ‘Lyttersken’ is Norwegian for listening as they softly tap the drum, the pulse and breath into being. Moss becomes and is a living entity, circulating water as breath bringing us well. By exercises of embodying moss, breathing within it, drum taps and poetry they get closer to the beat of teeming life.

Published by zoahart

Zoey Hart is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, collaborator and cultural educator.


  1. What a lush and delicious panorama of Lichen ….breathing in the moist air … Reindeer grass … served once to me with warm milk by my Icelandic friend, Eyglo … Lichen … An interconnecting life form … A richly entangled Beauty form. Than you for sharing …. Tricia

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