The Sea that Surrounds Us

Det Mjuknande Havet How the Sea Softens Salt corrodes, Tides pull, Waves tumble and break, Water transforms: boundaries and borders, coastlines, bedrock, environments internal external. What can water teach us about easing into softness? Guided by the process of tumble-polishing rocks in sea water, Hart’s studio on Singo will become an installation space where visitors willContinue reading “The Sea that Surrounds Us”


Lyssnersken Beatrice Alvestad Lopez (NO/ES) and Zoey Hart (US) invited by BKN/Hybrid‘Lyssnersken’ the film is a collaboration between New York artist Zoey Hart and Stockholm-based artist Beatrice Alvestad Lopez. They started their collaboration at Björkö residency in December 2021. Their shared passion for nature led to the exploration of moss and lichen rich in theContinue reading “REHYDRATION CLINIC: MOSS”

Björkö Konstnod- Kvadrennalen

2021-22 Residency at AIR BKN, Björkö Sweden KVADRENNALEN Work featured for this program by BKN artists is a response to the mobilization of the Swedish Art Scene during the national election year. The original inaugural screening program launched on January 11th, 2022 Title: KVADRENNALEN MANIFESTO – THIS IS THE WORK OF ART Media: Video Duration:Continue reading “Björkö Konstnod- Kvadrennalen”

Still Lives with Dead Wood

Björkö Konstnod In this series developed at Air BKN, the artist considers wound wood; The twisty whirling tangled and tumorous lumps and bumps that often adorn old trees and their roots. Wound wood is scar tissue- documented evidence of how one dealt with damage. Integrations and re-routings, conglomerations and overactive tissues form these structural anomalies.Continue reading “Still Lives with Dead Wood”

Empathy Channels (A series of participatory performances, wearable soft-sculpture and installations)

‘Empathy Channels’ is an ongoing series of performances, exhibitions and site-specific installations based around hand-knotted, soft-sculptural expanses woven from wool, rope, twine, cotton, and other found fibers. Woven into an intricate pattern of delicate mesh and gnarled woolen lumps, the work began as a collection of ‘suits’ to be worn in participatory performance by dancers andContinue reading “Empathy Channels (A series of participatory performances, wearable soft-sculpture and installations)”

ARTELES- January Residency at Creative Center in Finland

THE FOG RECEDES Here’s a peek of what was brewing beneath the frost this January at Arteles Creative Center, Finland ZOEY HART – Empathy Channels “Thank you for participating in Empathy Channels. In this space you are the navigator, inscribing your journey through a corporeal environment which promises to stray from familiarity and expectation… AsContinue reading “ARTELES- January Residency at Creative Center in Finland”

The Diagnostic Image

2016 came and went in a sometimes literal blur. While there are many days I don’t remember, I have a large body of work to help me trace back through the days. With a special thank you to the teams of doctors, family, friends and neighbors who helped me stay alive and industrious- here’s aContinue reading “The Diagnostic Image”