Empathy Channels (A series of participatory performances, wearable soft-sculpture and installations)

‘Empathy Channels’ is an ongoing series of performances, exhibitions and site-specific installations based around hand-knotted, soft-sculptural expanses woven from wool, rope, twine, cotton, and other found fibers. Woven into an intricate pattern of delicate mesh and gnarled woolen lumps, the work began as a collection of ‘suits’ to be worn in participatory performance by dancers and meditation specialists.

Out in the unsuspecting-wild,  the empathy-suit performances offer an opportunity for the viewer to encounter ‘other’ bodies with curiosity and tenderness. In some settings, musical improvisation and breathing-soundtracks assist in direct audience participation( PRESS- “Wellness and Utopia” Brooklyn Eagle). In others, pieces of the sculpture are installed as an immersive space, where visitors are challenged to practice mindful breathing and ‘find a moment of calm within the chaos‘. Empathy Channels performances and installations aim to inspire mindful reflection on how we relate to one another, and serve as a reminder of the experiences we cannot always see, but often share. 

Four figures wearing lumpy tangled hand woven suits and hoods
Wearable empathy suit sculptures and hoods, from performances 2017-18
9 square tiles show zoey constructing the think net- an expanse of light blue fishing wire tangled and stretched between empty shelving units, with a small 2 foot doorframe to enter and sit in the space.
Empathy Channels Interactive Installation: Things We Can’t Untie, Iceland, 2017
Empathy Suit, sculpture installation, The Old Stone House, Brooklyn, NY 2018
Empathy Webwork installation drawing, Soulangh Cultural Park, Taiwan, 2018


Published by zoahart

Zoey Hart is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, collaborator and cultural educator.

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