Sensory Diagnostics

ongoing series of site-based social and ecological engagements asking: What is wellness and how is it determined?

Sensory Diagnostics defines the act of noticing as an embodied, mindful, multi-sensory experience. To know a site (a body, a place, and everything existing in between) requires participation in an ongoing dialogue, a commitment to long-term, deep listening and observation. By practicing new old and unexpected ways of generating and communicating knowledge, we generate a deeper awareness of relationship between our bodies and the spaces we inhabit, and dream solutions for the ongoing care of these intersecting ecologies. 

Read more about this project at Air BKN, Sweden, where Hart will be an artist in residence from December 2021-February 2022.

Media-data formats include text, visual, audio and multi-sensory residuals archiving site-specific, living processes and performances within this series. Thus far, examples of media-data formats have included:

Mycological Wellness Assessment

Workshop/interactive performance at Arteles Creative Center, Finland 2021

Semi-Functional Waterfront Access Map

Interactive workbook/webpage and hybrid performance with Tending the Edge Residency, a project of Works on Water and Culture Push, 2021

Diagnosis: Rotting Log

Sculpture and visual essay series diagnosing rotting wood of the Nordic region. Currently in development at Air BKN, Sweden

Published by zoahart

Zoey Hart is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, collaborator and cultural educator.

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