Still Lives with Dead Wood

Björkö Konstnod

Wound Wood Collection, Photo, print and digital collage on paper, Zoey Hart, 2022 Image Description: A collage arranges, reflects, and multiplies hands interacting with wound wood specimens.

In this series developed at Air BKN, the artist considers wound wood; The twisty whirling tangled and tumorous lumps and bumps that often adorn old trees and their roots. Wound wood is scar tissue- documented evidence of how one dealt with damage. Integrations and re-routings, conglomerations and overactive tissues form these structural anomalies. We must understand that wound wound is not a marker of vulnerability, it is proof of resilience. Though it is evidence of damage, it is not damaging. It is a testament in memorium to the lifelong work of a body who has healed. We encounter difference to feel what is shared.

Wound Wood Collection, Zoey Hart, Print Installation, approx 3 x 5′ (below) 5.5 x 12 ” (left), Air BKN 2022

Image Description: A collaged conglomeration of twisted wood and roots scanned in black and white forms a large scale wall collage. The conglomeration is irregularly shaped, but somewhat round with extending loops and branching appendages

Published by zoahart

Zoey Hart is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, collaborator and cultural educator.

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