Bed-Stuy Dreams in Color

'Bed Stuy Dreams In Color' at Bartertown: Repair, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn 12/15

Alongside trusty collaborators Hanna Wellish and Yasmeen Abdallah, the first installation of BED-STUY DREAMS IN COLOR kicked off last week at Bartertown, a socially engaged, trade-based art festival hosted by The Heather Hart Experience at Repair The World, NYC.

Bartertown participants visited Bed-Stuy Dreams‘ dream cave (in all of its lumpy and colorful glory–see pics below) where they were invited to donate a dream from the past, or for the future, for a team of local artists to visually interpret after the event.
In the upcoming weeks, participants will receive multimedia representations of their dream illustrated by myself and other local Brooklyn artists via See Feel Create’s  social media pages. We hope to exhibit these collaborative interpretations of bed stuy’s dreams at local galleries in the new year, as we build more site-based dream environments with local communities across Brooklyn.

Stay tuned and follow @seefeelcreate on Instagram to catch artwork from the first installation of

Published by zoahart

Zoey Hart is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, collaborator and cultural educator.

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